2021-22 Kingsway Ice Hockey Seniors Recognized

Posted by Scotty Winters on Jun 28 2022 at 07:56AM PDT

I would like to recognize our 10 Seniors who recently graduated from Kingsway Regional High School and GCIT. Justin Frederick (Liberty Univ.), Drew Homon (US Coast Guard), Breandan Kerr (Undecided), Michael Lieze (Rowan Univ.), Aaron Pape (Rider Univ.), Sophia Probst (Rowan Univ.), Carter Smith (Rowan College of NJ), Austin Sperduto (Rider Univ.), Aidan Winters (US Navy) and Ryan Gilliano (GCIT) . These talented Ice Hockey players had a profound impact on our team(s) over the last 3-4 years and will be sorely missed. The entire Kingsway Ice Hockey Board and Organization would like to wish all 10 of you success on your continuing path towards greater education, life choices and, of course, a long extension of your hockey careers!

Best of Luck Boys and Girls!

Scotty Winters
President-Kingsway Ice Hockey


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